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Capital Area Premier Academy

    CAPA Mission

    CAPA, the Capital Area Premier Academy, is the “premier level” arm of CASA with full time paid professional training and coaching. It is our intention to provide the players in the CAPA Program with the most challenging playing and training environment possible in order to:
    • Enhance the players’ enjoyment of and appreciation for the game
    • Raise the quality of play by improving the players’ technique and understanding of the game
    • Improve the players’ training and preparation habits, including the ability to set goals and monitor their progress toward those goals
    • Build leadership skills, social skills, and problem solving skills for application on and off the field
    • Provide the opportunity for players to legitimately compete to win the state cup and regional and national level competitions
    • Allow players to develop the capability and qualities necessary to compete at a high level beyond youth soccer and club soccer if they desire to do so
    • At the older age groups, U-15 and above, continually reinforce the importance of scholarship in the college search and selection process, including the importance of time management with regard to balancing training, studies, and personal recreational time
    • At the older age groups, U-15 and above, provide players with exposure to prospective college coaches and offer counseling with regard to the college selection process.